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The Last Day We Free

Trauma about 2012? Why? Rumor talked that is the last day in this world. How do you know, how big this world? No one know, there are more in more.

Before trauma about the last day. We must know one thing. There is the last day we free in this world. It was WHEN WE BORN TO THIS WORLD. When we born to this world, we are not free anymore. We are not freedom anymore. Because of sickness, feeling, money, friends, job, and all about that.

The Worst Feeling

Start to write, What the worst feeling that ever you got? If someone asked you. Many answers will be expressed out like The Death, The Loneliness, The Separation, The Lost, and what else? Thought about some results of the question, it is real hurt and worst.

I think the worst i got beside hurt of accident (it was hurt), Lost of something we dear or love, Death is it too. But i think it was hurt too when "Someone you can't forget, that forgot you." How hurt is it? When you are always thinking about him/her/them, they were exactly don't know who you are? I care , love you but are you know me? Or did you remember me? Sometimes we forgot something it wasn't valuable for us. But when you thought it wasn't valuable, others didn't think so.

the worst feeling is not you being lonely, but you are forgotten by some you can't forget it

No connection, You are Dead

Connections, all peoples in the world are connected. Like friends, family, costume, culture, region, or country. We all have connection, why? because we are social people. Social peoples need other people. We can't live alone in the world. Like who will give you eat? if haven't restaurant. who will give you place to stay? if haven't make a house. Even for work, we need connection.

If you want to be alone, you will be perform dead. Because no one known you? If you die too, no one know you. You weren't exists in the world ever.

Change yourself First

Now, I need many peoples around me to change themselves.

Why some peoples are so ego. They always want others people change to what they want. Did you realized? And we just say "If you want to be my friends, accept me what i am". But you asked your friend to change what you want. And make your friends accept what are you? How naif you are? I accept , i did it. I always say "this is me, who care. If you want to be with me , accept it." But sometimes realized We can't change other people, they are themselves. But We can change ourselves first, than can make them change too. To be good and better of course. Of course i did.

Weakness & Strength

Talking about weakness, all peoples is anticipated with this question. What is your weakness? do you want to answer? Why? How 'bout Strength? People always talk about his strength to many peoples. Although they trust or not.

Like the live example i got: When interview on job. It will be asked about what is your weakness and what is your strength? What will you answer that question. You will be good to reply what is your strength on that interview. And slowly to answers what is your weakness. Why so hard to figure out what our weakness? or maybe afraid reason to have been known by other people who can use it for bad thing. Hoping you can list what is your weakness and strength. So you know what will you do? List it many and many of them. And find what are yourself.

Cover your weakness with your strength